Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Trends: Clutch Bags.

Have you ever thought about using your night bag during the day? If it is not too sparkly, of course... 
Its so amazing that now, we can find clutch bags from almost every single brand, in every colour and style. Clutch bags are easy to carry and very helpful when you need to find your keys!
There is an expression from the USA: M.I.L.K. BAG (Money- ID- Lipstick- Keys). Basically you only take what is definitely necessary! What about the mobile phone? Its always in our hands anyway.
Check out a few examples that I really liked:

Make sure you choose one in the right size for you! It must look like a clutch, and not like a purse or an A3 envelope. ;)

Are the bags getting smaller or the wallets getting bigger?


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  1. That's cute! Never heard of MILK. Love the British clutch!

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