Monday, 13 June 2011

MyLook: Where is the SUMMER?

Hi everyone!

I'm finally posting a look today. Yesterday was a Winter day in London: Rain + Cold! It was the same this morning, so here is a 'London Summer' look =P. This knitted top is very helpful when you have no idea what to expect from the weather: it's warm and the huge hood is always handy when it is raining lightly. I got it from the brand that I used to work for in Brazil, it is from F/W 07! Old, isn't it? But I still love it, and I hope you like it too:

Ps: As I took so long to bring you a new look, I'm posting lots of pics! 

Pierina. x


  1. What a unique hoodie! So cool. But do you guys ever have nice weather? I heard it only ever rains in the UK
    Live Life in Style

  2. @Shasie

    Hi Shasie!! It is complicated:

    November to March= Cold, rain and snow.
    March to June= Rain and Wind. 13 to 25C, you never know.
    July and August are "the best" months, when you can get 27.. 28C. But you better take a jumper all the time! You never know when the wind will blow.


  3. My cousin lives in London and he always suggests that I visit during July & August for that reason. One day soon I will make it there...I love how comfy & cozy your hooded top looks..I can definitely see myself rocking that look.