Thursday, 11 August 2011

New in town.


I still haven’t written about my 1st visit to Forever 21 new store in London. Since the 27th of July, there has been a new point to oxford street! Forever 21 is an American brand and I heard a lot about it from the bloggers in the US. I never wanted to get it online, as I'm not a big fan of online shops when you have no idea about the size and fit of brands that you never tried before. So I had to wait.
I went to the shop last weekend with Sanita. It was VERY BUSY (of course...). So, what did I think?

* The store is beautiful! Even with a lot of people in there, it wasn't a problem to walk around. Very well decorated too.

* The way that they divide the shop by style is amazing: You have the Boho/ Hippie area, Chic, Rockish, Romantic area, etc.

* The prices are just GREAT. And you can expect at least decent quality from the garments.

*The Staff: VeryGood. I asked a girl to check something in stock, and she was very nice and helpful! (something that isn't easy to find in London: Good Customers Service).

 I really liked it!!! And I heard that they will open a new store soon in Westfield.  


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  1. I've been shopping at Forever 21 for years, and the prices are great, but the quality isn't. I love to go there for quick tries on trends. Here in the U.S. they way they have Forever 21's setup is confusing. Everything looks the same to me. Glad to see yours is better!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style