Wednesday, 21 September 2011

London Fashion Week.

Hello everyone!

I'm very sorry for not coming here for the past few days. I have a good reason: I was working at London Fashion Week!

I went through the whole process: From organizing invitations, backstage, guest lists and finally THE SHOWS!

It was amazing to see how everything works, why people are so nervous and stressed before the shows and the most amazing part: Seeing everyone happy and proud when the first model hits the catwalk. I don't really know why, but I managed to cry in every single show, hiding myself somewhere where no one could see me being so emotional. Hahahah But it was like a dream come true...

I met a lot of great people, designers, photographers, the people that were part of my team... It was an amazing week for me, one of the best weeks of my life.

I'm so sorry for not having a backstage picture, but I was running everywhere before the shows and trust me, I had no time 

Me and Face Hunter @ The Box, in Soho. Thank you @GoTryItOn.

Things (or animals) that you find in London

A few of my wristbands from London Fashion Week. I will keep it all!


  1. oh i'm so jealous,this must have been such a great experience!
    i wish i could take part in fashionweek once in my life :)


  2. I remember fashion week very well and can understand what you feel. It was the first time for me to model on a bigger stage ... long time ago ;-) so a lot must have changed.

  3. I love your accessories and the blouse...musta been such a great experience...

  4. SO SO SO proud of you! GO GIRL! X
    by the way, where can I buy those Karl diet coke bottles? :p