Monday, 24 October 2011

Inspiration: The Manipulator.

The Manipulator started in 1984 and the focus of this magazine was photography: in fashion, architecture and art. They wanted to find the balance between photos that you see on a gallery wall and  photos that you see in magazine editorials and advertising campaigns.
The issue that I have, is from 1986- My stepfather, who is a French photographer, gave it to me last year just because of the Grace Jones photo (she is one of my icons). Now I want all the issues that he has. Another cool thing about this magazine, is the size: 50 × 70 cm.
The Manipulator printed it's last issue in 1994 and from what I read on the internet, they did a new issue in 2010 but I can't find it or anything about it.
I hope you like the pictures, and check their website: .


  1. model in the CK jeans ad looks SO similar to Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast! - WSM.

    PS I got a new site design:

  2. These photos are great! Very inspiring.xx