Thursday, 13 October 2011

MyLook: Is it any wonder?

 As you might know, I'm already doing internships/ work as a fashion stylist, and yesterday I had the opportunity to work for the 1st time as a Personal Stylist. It went very well and I don't know if I can call it work, as I had so much fun. If I get any pictures of her wearing her new outfits, I will show you.
For the outfit of today, black & white again, and my new choker. Let me know what you think! xxx


  1. WOow There is an "architectured Destroy CHIC-ittude" vibrancy in this outfit, § you (stunningly) dazzle on the last picture I can't help BUT add Dear !!! "Sexy Freshness in motion"

    Até logo, Antoine

  2. you absolutely gorgeous looked through your blog and loving your style.. awesome outfit x