Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Emerging Designers and Artists Month at NARCISS in Notting Hill

Hello everyone.
Last week, I visited the Emerging Designers and Artists Month at NARCISS in Notting Hill.
It was great to be back at the boutique and to meet all the designers.

                            The Shop window for the event.

Beautiful paintings from Eleanor Barreau. She is inspired by models, catwalks and fashion adverts! She mixes old and new adverts in her paintings and I love how she dresses every element with a stylish eye (of course I was looking at what the people on her paintings are wearing- haha!).
Her website is:

Claudine is an accessory designer and she was presenting her bag collection at the event. I don't care too much about shoes, I'm a bag hunter. I'm in love with her bags and I have never seen anything like them before. She plays a lot with shapes and colours but still keeps her bags very classy and all in great colours For this collection, she used acrylic and velvet. You can also order a bag in any shape/size/colour! I'm in LOVE with the bag I'm holding in the second picture. It is red on one side, and blue on the other.
Her website is:

Dominique is a lovely designer from Manchester and she studied at Central St. Martins like all the designers above. Specialised in luxury scarves, her brand brings beautiful prints in Silk and Cashmere. The bright colours and the special prints give her scarves an original and modern charm.
Dominique Mosley has had her scarves on the best magazines and websites, like VOGUE.COM- How to wear.
Visit Dominique Mosley's website:

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