Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the TellusFashion Launch Party. The event took part at Porchester Hall, a very cool venue around Notting Hill. The fashion show was great, with a lot of brilliant designers and dancers on the stage.
TellusFashion brings together young talented designers from around the world. On their website, you can shop, read about fashion news, get some inspiration from their editorials and get to know more about all the designers.
Olivia is part of the TellusFashion team, and I met her in Notting Hill. She is so nice and I was so happy to see how amazing the show was and how important it is for her. She really did a great job!
Below are the photos that I took of the show.
Just a quick note: When I was trying to find a place between the photographers, one of them said: Oh! I remember you! You were running in Waterloo station during London Fashion Week. hahah. I also remember that day, I was in a total rush and lost, maybe I asked him for directions to the venue.

FJABA was my favorite designer of the night. I loved the prints, fabrics and cuts. Their theme and music was lovely too. I went to the backstage to talk to them after the show and they were very nice!

TellusFashion Team.

Olivia!!!! She was looking so pretty... Well done!!

Friends: Tara (from CHIC&SEEK)/ Jamie (from boymeetsfashion.com)/ Silvia (from nottingchic.com)/ Ivana Profeta


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