Thursday, 17 November 2011


We have all been talking a lot about the Versace collection for H&M and the day has finally arrived.
I wasn't desperate about getting anything from the collection, even if I liked it, but yesterday on twitter, EVERYONE was talking about it and I started to get into the Versace vibe. I went to bed thinking that I woulnd't wake up at 2am to queue or any madness like that, but I was going to try at least, and I wanted to go to see how crazy it was.

The shop window in High Street Kensington

The Versace area and the complicated people that didn't know their size or why they needed to get 500 pieces (zzz)
I literally had a dream that I was running so much to get these pair of boots (crazy) and I woke up at 7am with the feeling that I NEEDED TO BE THERE FOR THE PAIR OF BOOTS, even if I went to bed cool about it... Maybe I wasn't that cool.
Ok, I woke up at 7  and left at 7:15! Yes, I never thought I could get ready quick like that, even if I was looking like a hobo- No time for outfit, hair, make up- NO!
On my way to the H&M, I was praying for it not to be that busy, and if it was very busy, would I go back home or stay there until the end?
I arrived there at 7:30am and the queue was long, but it was an wonderful morning and I was free for the whole day, so I decided to stay. At 8:45 the H&M staff came to give the wrist bands and the Versace eau de toilette. On the wrist band we had the time that we were going to be able to shop. So basically the area with the VERSACE clothes was closed and with 2 security guards. You needed to have the wrist band and be there on the right time. My time was at 10:35!

My wrist band with the time of the orange group
 I spent my minutes watching people going inside the Versace area and literally going crazyyyyy. You could only get one item of each but was no limit of pieces, and make your choice in 10 MINUTES, with the H&M stuff shouting the countdown- "3 MINUTES LEFT" and people were getting more and more desperate. *LAUGH*
It was very organized, but c'mon! It should be maximum 5 items per person! People weren't even looking at what they were holding- Ridiculous. And I started to get a bit worried about the pair of boots, but I kept myself positive and thought that If I didn't get anything, I could still write about the experience on here.
10:35- MY TIME! I was the 1st in the queue, and I could see my boots, right there, beautiful, shinning and calling me! hahaaaaah But were they my size?? Yes, they were my size and THE LAST PAIR! Good, I still had 9min 30secs to shop, but what to get? I really liked the leopard print skirt and the studded leather dress, but by now, they had disappeared! Ahhh.. I was holding my boots so everything was cool... On my way out, I saw someone from the H&M staff coming in with a lot of garments that had been left on the fitting room, and one of them weas my SKIRT! SIZE 8! LAST PIECE! How lucky! ;)
So here I am, writing about my experience and looking at my boots and skirt and very happy! But I don't think I would this ever again.
Thank you so much H&M, Versace and everyone who works at H&M in High St. Kensington! What great service!


  1. wow! u waited so long(
    but great that u got boots and skirt!
    i love that skirt!


  2. Great story! I can't believe i forgot about it yesterday and this morning i was like... hell i missed it. So now been waiting for whole day to get out of work and run to oxford street to look for my bag. Bloody everything is sold out online. I did though managed to place an order for one of the bags through phone but need to wait until mid dec to get it ;(

  3. Can't wait to get to the store!!!

  4. He! I like your style, great blog

  5. Wow, you are so lucky! These boots were my favourite piece too. And this skirt is just amazing, a timeless piece.


  6. ahah same thing happened to me! I wasn't excited at all until a few hours before the launch... but when I got to the cocktail preview at the store I decided I actually wanted to buy a skirt, a dress and the leggings!! I arrived a little bit late and the skirt was already gone, but I got the last dress and leggings (I couldn't believe they were actually my size, the smallest ones are always the first to go)!! :)