Tuesday, 28 June 2011

ByPierina On GoTryItOn Blog!

GoTryItOn.com featured ByPierina on their blog again- How exciting!

Pierina. x

MyLook: In Helsinki.

Hi everyone!
I'm back again! I was in Finland for a few days and I had a wonderful time. I love Helsinki so much that I could move there right now. Beautiful people, and they are just so nice! I'm friends with more people there than in Brazil or England. The food is great and they have a lot of unusual drinks that you don't usually find elsewhere like Mint Vodka and Grapefruit 'long drink'. Luckily the sales started while I was there, and they were brilliant! Anyway, I might be off to Finland again very soon (my 5th time :O).

The pictures in this post, are from my first night in Helsinki. It was about 21:00 but looks more like early afternoon... hahaha. You have seen every single piece in this post before, but in different looks. I hope you like it!