Monday, 31 October 2011

MyLook: Camden Hat.

I found this hat in Camden few weeks few ago and I wasn't very sure about it. I personally LOVED IT, but in the other hand, it can be a bit 'too much'. Well, I was paying for it, I was going to wear it and I loved it, so why not? And I'm so pleased with it now! I felt (sooo) mysterious walking around Chelsea at night wearing my hat. Ahahaha.

Nike Air byPierina. Hahah!

Philipp Plein at Poison Angel.

Poison Angel is a Boutique located in Brompton Rd, Chelsea, where I had the opportunity to do my first internship. While I was working there, I heard about Philipp Plein and immediately fell in love with his designs. Leather, studs and skulls are always around in his collections, even if a delicate detail. The garments are very well fitted and everything is very classy but at the same time, with a strong attitude.
Below are photos that I took last week at Poison Angel of my favorite pieces from Philipp Plein Autumn/Winter 12 collection:

 I love the blouse with the long cuffs.

  The same blouse, but in white- with the same details:


         Looks like a leather jacket with fur gillet but is actually one piece.


                      The skulls in silver detailing the leggings

 Poison Angel address is 266 Brompton Road- London. SW3 2AS. 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Inspiration: The Manipulator.

The Manipulator started in 1984 and the focus of this magazine was photography: in fashion, architecture and art. They wanted to find the balance between photos that you see on a gallery wall and  photos that you see in magazine editorials and advertising campaigns.
The issue that I have, is from 1986- My stepfather, who is a French photographer, gave it to me last year just because of the Grace Jones photo (she is one of my icons). Now I want all the issues that he has. Another cool thing about this magazine, is the size: 50 × 70 cm.
The Manipulator printed it's last issue in 1994 and from what I read on the internet, they did a new issue in 2010 but I can't find it or anything about it.
I hope you like the pictures, and check their website: .

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Raquel Zimmermann at Selfridges.

Check out these two amazing videos of Raquel Zimmermann wearing Prada and Givenchy (and naked) at Selfridges - by Nick Knight Fashion Film.
You have also a great analysis of the looks in both videos.

And it is cold outside...

Hello cold weather, I really did not miss you... But I will try to get on with you this time. At least I can change the vibe of my outfits with jackets and coats! :)
Today's look, I'm wearing this trench coat from Mango that I bought in Finland (during the summer- lol). I hope you like it! xxxxxxxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

MyLook: Fantastic Expectations Amazing Revelations.

Sorry I'm a bit dramatic today as I'm very disappointed, so the title of my look is from one of my favorite songs... And is a bit the way I feel, but I will be 100% in a couple of hours. ANYWAAAAAY- Friday is here and I hope you had a good week, if not, no worries, a new week is on its way. haaaaaaahh.
Do you like my look?? Let me know! Have a superb weekend- xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Do you like my mask?

Thursday, 13 October 2011

MyLook: Is it any wonder?

 As you might know, I'm already doing internships/ work as a fashion stylist, and yesterday I had the opportunity to work for the 1st time as a Personal Stylist. It went very well and I don't know if I can call it work, as I had so much fun. If I get any pictures of her wearing her new outfits, I will show you.
For the outfit of today, black & white again, and my new choker. Let me know what you think! xxx