Hello everyone!

I'm Pierina (this is my second name and I really like it because it is not very common- Hah!).
When I finished high school- back in the daaaaaaaay... I decided to do Graphic Design. It was very cool and I loved it. While studying graphic design, I was working (doing internships since 1882-ha) for a big brand in Sao Paulo, where I used to do the marketing: layouts for magazines (Vogue Teen for example), create ideas for the shop windows, organise events (meetings and cocktail parties) and do all the visual of the brand. After 2 years working there, I started to feel my heart beat a bit faster when the subject was FASHION.
No! I don't want to design... that's is not what I feel like. Two years later I was studying personal styling in London and I was delighted when I finally found "my thing". It's a shame that it was only a short course, but since then I have kept reading magazines, blogs, websites et cetera, always trying to find inspiration and keep myself updated. What I really like to do as well is check online shops for hours at a time, I just LOVE IT.
Ok, lets go back a little bit. Style, for me, is something that each of us has to reach for with our hearts:

1) Wear what YOU REALLY LIKE. It doesn't matter if its trendy or not, if you like it, WEAR IT!

2) Don't be afraid to try something new.

3) Don't be afraid to be ridiculous. At least you're gonna be noticed. ;)

4) Look at yourself in the mirror and be happy for who you are. Love yourself, love your body, love your hair and accept that you are who you are!

5) Be your best friend. Once you are on your side, everyone else will be too. Style is the same. Love what you wear. In the end, you are the only one who needs to be happy about yourself.

6) I know what I'm talking about. Once, I was the "Ugly Duckling" and used to hate my look. When I started accepting the way I am, the world was positive about me.

7) If you like someones "Look of the day", don't copy it straight away. Check what suits you better: Fabric, cuts and shapes. You don't need to wear the same garments to get the same look- style.

Now, I don't have any clients so I can't (yet) work as a personal stylist. However, my goal is to one day help people (especially women) to find themselves and make them feel happy about it. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, it doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, tall, short or whatever.
At the moment, I'm doing freelance work as a stylist and an internship for a luxury shop (menswear) and I'm enjoying it very much. Afterwards, a job at a magazine would be good. Or at another brand. Anything that gives me more knowledge and experience, and one day I will be good for any person with any budget!

It is a bit cheesy, but GO HARD OR GO HOME is my thought every morning when I step out of the front door.

Me @ work.

Pierina. x